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Conozca el precio exacto antes de reservar
Know the fixed price before booking
Kennen Sie den genauen Preis vor der Buchung


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Añadir condicionales a los campos "¿Traslado sólo IDA? y ¿Traslado Ida y Vuelta?" por cada idioma que utilicemos.
En el campo "Texto Sólo Ida o Ida y vuelta" añadir en cálculo los campos de los nuevos idiomas que incluyamos.
Añadir al cálculo las Key del campo ORIGEN de cada idioma
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Añadir al cálculo las Key del campo FECHA IDA de cada idioma
Añadir al cálculo las Key del campo HORA IDA de cada idioma
Añadir al cálculo las Key del campo FECHA REGRESO de cada idioma
Añadir al cálculo las Key del campo HORA REGRESO de cada idioma
Añadir al cálculo las Key del campo PASAJEROS de cada idioma
Poner para el cálculo las Keys de los campos de Código Postal de todos los idiomas que se utilicen.




Título Precio para TX2 - Precio (Ida ) o Precio (Ida + Vuelta)




What do you need?


  1. Experience: More than 10 years of dedication to the taxi online reservation. Over 10300 bookings made. None of our customers came late to the airport, train or a meeting
  2. Professionals: Taxis spacious, clean and comfortable. Properly dressed and neat drivers. Punctuality, safety, efficiency, kindness and seriously, very seriously.
  3. Legality: All our taxis and drivers are insured and have the corresponding licenses issued by the Generalidad Valenciana.
  4. Taxis 2.0: New or semi-new taxis (2 years old on average), equipped with the latest technologies available to our customers.
  5. Saving: 10 keys that you should know about our prices.

More information about Taxi Valencia (

FIXED PRICES are committed to transparency, you will know the exact final price before you make your taxi reservation.

In our web there is a price list of the most common medium and long distance services in taxi valencia. The price on the list is the one you will have to pay to our taxi driver once the service is done, no unpleasant surprises. Motorway tolls are not included in the price lists for the following reasons:

  1. There are many customers who do not wish to travel by tollway.
  2. There are customers who want to travel by tollway, but not all the way.
  3. Last year prices for motorway tolls were changed on three occasions.

The use of the tollway is customer choice.

You can ask for a budget without commitment through our form or, for those services which prices on the web are unpointed, through Taxi Valencia ( phone number. We will reply you back (usually in less than an hour) with your taxi transfer exact price. The budgeted price will be the one you’ll have to pay to our Taxi Valencia ( driver.

All of our taxis have credit card charging system. You choose how to pay. You can pay in cash or by credit card. Taxi Valencia ( do not charge you any reservation fees for card payment.

Almost all types of credit card are accepted; VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX (American Express), EURO6000.

New technologies allows to Taxi Valencia ( monitoring, real time, your flight or train status. Don’t worry if your train or flight is delayed, we will have knowledge of this, your driver will be waiting for you when you arrive at the airport or at the train station if this happens.

We do not charge anything due to train or flight delays. You will pay only the price indicated at the web or previously budgeted and stipulated. Quiet trip!

Many customers had asked us how Taxi Valencia ( does it to be cheaper than other taxi companies in Valencia and keep on offering taxi services of such high quality. The answer is easy, Taxi Valencia ( HAS NO INTERMEDIARIES, we don’t pay any comissions to anybody so the road fees we apply are 22 percent cheaper, going up to 30 percent discount at some courses.

Taxi Valencia ( carefully selects its drivers, requiring from them a solid background in punctuality, tidiness, thoughtfulness and education as well as a customer orientation. The commitment with our customers is always offering a high quality service together with a real low cost service price.


It´s been more than 12 years now since the opening of Taxi Valencia ( and also from our first reservation (it seems like yesterday!). The reliance and trust of our clients has lead us to become leaders in the Taxi Valencia reservations, with more than 14600 short and long distances taxi reservations in Taxi Valencia. MANY THANKS !

In taxi Valencia we promise to keep on offering the best price together with the best taxi transfer quality from Valencia city and Valencia Airport to any town, national or international destination.

SERVICE AREA (Taxi Valencia) provides service in all the towns in the area of joint provision of the Taxi in Valencia (towns bordering on Valencia). Although, due to our location and our collaborations we can offer a better coverage to populations of the Regions of L’Horta Sud and Ribera Alta.
Populations with better taxi coverage offered by (Taxi Valencia)

Taxi Horta Sud y Taxi Ribera Alta

  • Taxi Albal
  • Taxi Alcácer / Alcàsse
  • Taxi Alfafar
  • Taxi Alfarp
  • Taxi Algemesí
  • Taxi Alginet
  • Taxi Alcira / Alzira
  • Taxi Antella
  • Taxi Alberique / Alberic
  • Taxi Benetuser / Benetusser
  • Taxi Benifayó / Benifaió
  • Taxi Benimodo
  • Taxi Benimuslem
  • Taxi Beneixida
  • Taxi Beniparrell
  • Taxi Carcagente / Carcaixent
  • Taxi Cárcer
  • Taxi Carlet
  • Taxi Catadau
  • Taxi Catarroja
  • Taxi Cotes
  • Taxi Énova
  • Taxi Gavarda
  • Taxi Guadasuar / Guadassuar
  • Taxi La Pobla Llarga
  • Taxi Llombai
  • Taxi Manuel
  • Taxi Masalavés
  • Taxi Masanasa / Massanassa
  • Taxi Montroy / Montroi
  • Taxi Monserrat
  • Taxi Paiporta
  • Taxi Picassent
  • Taxi Rafelguaraf
  • Taxi Real de Montroy / Real de Montroi
  • Taxi Sellent
  • Taxi Señera / Senyera
  • Taxi Silla
  • Taxi Sedaví
  • Taxi Sumacárcer
  • Taxi Tous
  • Taxi Turís
  • Taxi Villanueva de Castellón

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Advantages TAXIVAL.NET

LEGALITY: Taxis with their corresponding license and insured at all risk.

FIXED PRICES: Prices closed in all intercity services.

SAVING: Discounts of up to 30% on all intercity services.

FREE BOOKINGS: The amount of the service is paid directly to the driver.

EASE OF PAYMENT: In cash, card, bank transfer or Paypal, it’s that easy.

DELAYS INCLUDED: If your flight is delayed we wait until you arrive without additional cost.

EXPERIENCE: More than 12 years making taxi reservations in Valencia. Almost 15.000 reservations made.

CLEANING AND HYGIENE: Well dressed and neat drivers. Clean and comfortable taxis.

NEW TAXIS: The average age of our taxis is 2 years.

BABY SEATS: Baby seats and boosters for children FREE in interurban services.